Wired camera states battery mode


My security camera is wired but states it is in battery mode and I have reduced features. But when I go to setting on the camera it says wired mode. How can I fix this??


Hi @Scobber303. Where are you seeing it state that your Camera is in battery mode and has reduced features? Which model of Ring Camera do you have? You can find the model name on the Device Health page.

Hi. It states battery mode when in setting. But within device settings it states wired. The device I have is a the wired spotlight camera. Thanks

@Scobber303 Are you sure you have the Spotlight Cam, or did you mean the Stick Up Cam? The Spotlight Cam Wired would not have different power modes displayed in the Device Settings as it must be plugged in for power, but the Stick Up Cam (3rd gen) can either be wired or batter powered. If you do have the Stick Up Cam, I would recommend toggling the power mode to battery and back to wired to refresh it. From there, you will need to adjust your motion settings again. If that doesn’t do the trick, try rebooting your Camera and then setting the power mode.

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