Wink will start charging its users!

Wink will soon be charging a monthly fee for use of its typically unreliable service. It would be nice to take a look at their list of products and begin incorporating them into the Ring system. Im all about consolodating and saving money, so Id love to slowly get away from Wink and go strictly Ring!

Yes. Agree. I have had WINK hooked up at home and the office to control lights. It would be nice if someone like RING bought out WINK so the hardware could still be used, or, if RING would work to create or integrate functionality to the RING system so that the same control over lighting, etc., could be done remotely through the phone RING APP.

**Sure would like to see some public commenting (or e-mail) on this subject from RING (ASAP), before I invest in something else to replace the WINK system. **

It looks like if you have the ring alarm you can control zigbee and zwave enabled devices. I’m not sure if the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge will also enable these features but it would be nice to have a trusted company like Ring manage these devices.