Wink Integration and 2-Factor Auth

Device Linking with Wink when 2-factor auth is enabled seems impossible. Does Ring support per Application passwords?

Hey @Marigold. What concern are you running into exactly when you try to log into your Ring account via the Wink application? An error message’s screenshot or an in-depth description of what you are running into will help us figure out a solution for you!

The problem is related to the 2-factor authentication ring had imposed on everyone without thinking about the ramifications to integrated or linked applications which are web services and have no way to deal with a 2nd factor requirement. This was extremely short-sighted of ring. It is also impossible to turn off this MFA completely. Despite my account setting being OFF, I am still required to enter a code via email. I had to do that to reply to your response. Ring needs to come up with a per application passcodes that do not require MFA or some other kind of trust platform such as OATH that will allow web services and applications to access accounts so that application and device integrations such as home automation products are not completely broken as many are right now due to this change. Did Ring even inform their partner community of these changes?

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@Marigold Thank you for getting back to me and also for the valued feedback! I just wanted to ensure what exactly you were running into that was causing this, so I appreciate you clearing that up for me.

Please check out our Community post here, as it explains how we now require all Ring users to have 2FA/2SV turned on. This means that if you turn off 2FA (text message verification), then you still have 2SV turned on, which is our email verification. Regardless, when logging into the Ring app, we require our neighbors to have a code they need to use.

I’ll make sure to pass on your suggestions, but we also have a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there! This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

Right so 2FA OFF is not really OFF which is totally misleading. I suggest you alter this to reflect the 2 options of EMAIL or SMS as there is no OFF or simply allow OFF to be OFF so that people’s integrations do not break. Your imposed change broke my home automation system. Like most, I was not actively monitoring community posts from Ring. The decision to do this has put a bad taste in my mouth regarding how you operate as a company. You had a security flaw which allowed malicous use of your platform but your solution to that is worse than the problem for me. I am now faced with the decision to replace your devices with something that is compatible with the home automation system in place which was designed around products that actually integrate. For those others on these boards - WINK AND OTHER HA PLATFORMS NO LONGER WORKS DUE TO THE IMPOSITION OF 2FA BY RING AND NO ABILITY TO TRULY DISABLE IT.


Will you please let us know when this issue is resolved? I am unable to see my front door through Alexa Echo or via WINK Hub2. Hello?