Will US Ring Alarm Products Work In The UK?

i have noticed that the US Ring website has more products that the UK website, But i was wondering if i buy the Alarm Panic Button from the US, would it work in the UK?

The Ring alarm sensors are Z-Wave. Z-Wave in Europe is a different frequency than in the US, so a Ring alarm sensor sold in the US will not work with a Ring alarm base station sold in the UK.

From what I understand, Ring devices that connect via wifi like cameras and doorbells work fine anywhere.

Hi there,

If I buy a Ring Alarm Pro in the USA and buy all the sensors and other devices associated with the alarm also from the USA, will they all work ok in Ireland?

Hi @colin81. We do not recommend trying to use Ring devices made for a region other than your own, as we cannot guarantee that they will work. It would be best to wait until a device is released for purchase and use in your region, and you can locate your country on our website here. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: