Will Ring turn off my thermostat if it sees a door is open?

I’m considering replacing the three thermostats in my house.

If I go with honeywell units, can I have Ring (with Ring protect plan) tell the ground floor thermostat to stop if a given door is open?

You might be able to do that with Alexa. You have to link your Amazon and Ring account and create a routine in Alexa that can access your thermostat if a certain trigger occurs. In your case that trigger is the door opening and you link that to the thermostat turning off. However, I have my ecobee3 (not Alexa compatible) that is connected to a Smartthings hub. Alexa can access that hub to control the ecobees, however the only option I’m given is setting the temperature. I suppose if you turn the A/C off with heater only setting and set the temperature low, then that would act like shutting it off. Maybe since Honeywell can directly connect to Alexa it might be different.

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