Will chime pro 2gen get me better signal to improve RSSI?

I have a VD3+ and using my router I get around -62 RSSI. I do also get video which jumps a bit.

So I’ve bought a chime pro 2nd generation. I haven’t connected it yet to use the chime network though. My router is on same floor as chime pro. I’m wondering if I connected to the chime pro network would it be a better RSSI to try and improve battery depletion and video stutter?


Hi @L1111. Yes. One of the perks of the Chime Pro is to serve as a wifi extender. This wifi extension is specific to your Ring Devices and it boosts the RSSI of all devices connected to it. Try moving the Chime Pro to different outlets to see where it helps out the most. I hope this helps!

Well did this at weekend and it’s a lot worse now for RSSI over what my router was.

Ideally I don’t want to move the chime pro as it’s used as sound for the doorbell.

It’s a little expensive to buy another chime pro, can 2 even be used on same network? Could I buy an older chime to plug-in maybe to help with RSSI?

Well bought a chime pro 2G and doesn’t help. It’s actually worse. Not sure how as it’s in a better position than the router though, so a waste of money really.

Not overall happy with Ring experience tbh, invested quite a bit with doorbell. Chime pro, cloud storage and it doesn’t work for me as advertised. (See my other posts)