Wifi went down, 2 cameras stopped capturing/recording, one continued

Our wifi went out in the entire neighborhood yesterday around 2:30pm. My hardwired spotlight camera stopped capturing at 2:57pm (is set for capture every 30 seconds), my garage doorbell camera stopped capturing at 4:00 pm (is also set for capture every 30 seconds), and my front door doorbell camera never stopped capturing (set for every 3 minutes capture). The spotlight camera and the garage doorbell camera both resumed capture/recording when the wifi was restored at 5:45pm

How is this possible? Should they all have continued to capture even though the wifi was out? If so, then any ideas why they did not?

Hi there, @MarianneAcker! Often times when there is a network outage or a lapse in wifi due to a major issue or maintenance, degraded network performance beforehand can happen. This will depend on your internet service provider and other details that you would want to confirm during the next outage. It is common for network related concerns to come prior to an outage, and is likely the case here.

Check your RSSI in the Ring app is a great way to ensure for optimal signal when there is a network available. Wifi connection, network dependability, and fine tuned motion settings will help you on obtain the intended Ring experience. :slight_smile:

This does not answer my question at all. The outage happened at 2:30, and the cameras stopped recording after that, NOT BEFORE.

My question was, and still is, SHOULD THE CAMERAS CONTINUE TO CAPTURE/RECORD EVEN THOUGH THE WIFI IS OUT? (One did, two of them did for a while and then stopped at different times)

Checking my RSSI during a wifi outage would be kind of dumb, because when the wifi is out there is not connection.

I have to wonder if you even bothered to read or comprehend my question……

All 3 came back on as soon as the wifi was restored. I had no problems BEFORE or AFTER the outage, only DURING, and that is the time that my question addresses.

Now, can I get an answer for my question?

Thanks for clarifying further, @MarianneAcker. All of our Camera and Video Doorbell devices require wifi connection to operate, and will not function without it. When your internet service or network is down, these devices will also lose connection.

Glad to hear they connected automatically upon the connection returning to normal! :slight_smile:

The I am very curious to know why one doorbell continued to record during the ENTIRE time the wifi was out. The other 2 continued to record for varying times before stopping. Comcast was out in our entire area during this time. The lights on my modem and router were off. This is weird.