WiFi Router Settings (pmf 802.11w)


In order to defend yourself against “deauthentication” attacks, some Wi-Fi routers have a setting that allows you to enable “Protection Management Frames” (pmf 802.11w). The problem is that many older devices (non secure) will not work properly if this setting is enabled/required.

If I were to purchase a Wi-Fi Router that has Protection Management Frames (to be required) - would the following Ring Products connect to the Wi-Fi and function properly??:

  1. Ring Bridge (just purchased)
  2. Spotlight Cam Plus
  3. Floodlight Cam Plus

Please advise

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Hi @Mike1967. Ring devices utilize an 802.11 b/g/n wifi connection, so we can’t guarantee whether or not Ring devices will work properly with protection management frames. You’re welcome to try it out, however I’d suggest keeping any return windows in mind in case this setup is not compatible.


I find it interesting that you don’t really answer the question. I actually called Ring Support yesterday and Dedrick told me that the Ring Bridge and cameras would work with this setting. He read some specs to me - so that gave me some more confidence in your products and then you come along and answer my question like you did? Someone at Ring has to know the answer to this question - I suggest you try and find that person and then re-post the answer here as I suspect more customers will be searching for this answer in coming months/years.

Or, does Ring really expect their customers to spend the time/money buying one of these routers to test their connection and post the results on this forum?

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I bought a router that has PMF functionality. Unfortunately, none of the above mentioned Ring Products work with this functionality enabled. Very disappointing.

A security company with a lack of security…and even worse…no one here on this message board or help desk seem to know this.

How about this:

  1. Update Ring Devices so WPA3 encryption works. Why sell Security products that use an inferior encryption method?
  2. Allow an option for the Cameras to work with either Wi-Fi or Z-wave and allow the Ring Bridge to connect via POE
  3. Provide a Firmware update so that the Ring Devices work with WPA2 with Protection Management Frames Required

Three solutions.

Does Ring care enough to protect the Products that they sell? That is the question!


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