WiFi chime staying connected

I’m having a problem keeping my CHIME connected to my wi-fi & working properly. I’ve had my tech in twice in February & my RING is still pulsing slowly & not connecting. I do have a GUEST in my home & I do believe my connecting their devices, they have kicked my CHIMES off my wi-fi, so what do I do to SECURE my CHIME & make sure it’s not DELECTED as it is currently? J.

Hi @jaybolden, you may need to adjust your router settings, but if someone is kicking your devices off the network, you also will need to look into being the owner over these controls or limiting their access to these controls. For any router settings that are needed to be adjusted in order to allow the Ring devices to stay connected, please check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information.

Your response was SPOT ON! Before receiving your email, I did EXACTLY what you stated & it works. I’ve had to change EVERYTHING & in doing so, the STOPPED WORKING/RUNNING has discontinued. The tenant had the NERVE to get upset because I was able to put a COMPLETE END to what he was doing to my camera. I NEVER knew he connected/installed a play station & my IMPORTANCE in this household are the cameras, not a play station! THANK YOU & again, THANK YOU! J.

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