Wi-Fi Improvement Suggestion - Please Fix

As a new Doorbell Pro Owner I was surprised at the somewhat limited Wi-Fi programming. Two fairly significant gaps sort of leap out, and a third suggestion would be a nice upgrade. Please consider:

  1. Newer units are multi-band. Why can’t we define, as we can for other smart devices made by others, SSID’s to connect to on both bands? And of course if unit drops from one band unit should auto-select it’s “backup”.

  2. If it loses connect it really should reboot after a period of time. 30-60 minutes seems in the correct range. Should be simple language to script too.

  3. Suggest you update Ring and Alexa app such that if a device has lost connect or locked up the app issues a power cycle command to an optional 24V relay. Much as Sonus has. These are cheap and would solve problems for some folks.

Thanks for considering these.