Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

I’ve invested a considerable amount of cash in Ring products including a Doorbell 3 Plus, 2 x Stick Up cameras &, just recently, a Spotlight Camera. My internet connection is through a BT hub 6 & speed test measures between 15 - 40Mb/sec. After initial connectivity problems, I installed 2 x strategically placed wi-fi extenders & the doorbell & two stick up cameras were all working reasonably well, although not 100%. About a week ago, I added a Spotlight Camera & this seemed to be working fine initially, showing an RSSI of around 68. A couple of days ago, motion notifications & live view suddenly stopped working on the Spotlight Cam & a health check was showing an RSSI of around 80, which also seemed to be affecting operation of the door bell. I brought the camera inside closer to the wi-fi extender & it started working fine again so I assume my problems are caused by wi-fi signal strength.

I’ve been looking at the Chime Pro 2 which has dual connectivity which, the blurb says, will greatly improve system connectivity. But I seem to be throwing more & more cash at this system without getting much of an improvement from it. I’m now starting to get very despondent as the whole system seems to be very flaky, even with the wi-fi extenders I’ve installed & I don’t really know what to try/do next. Will a Chime Pro 2 solve my problems or will I just be paying another £50 for an expensive night light & some additional chimes? Not a lot of point in a system that can’t be guaranteed will work when you need it most & wondering if I should I just give up & sell it all on?

Hi @Karis. It seems as if these problems are from your wifi strength. This Community post here will explain the RSSI values you should have in order to ideal operation. I would try rebooting your internet router to see if that improves the wifi connection to your devices. Also, be sure there is nothing by your router, or devices, that could be causing interference. I hope these suggestions make a difference for you.

I’ve had the exact same problem, doorbell working fine the goes offline a few weeks ago. No explanation and shows 80rssi when I have it beside the router. It’s only a new replacement for one that fell apart. Is there a software patch for it?

Are using “WiFi extenders” or a Mesh network? Extenders are not ideal because they significantly cut your bandwidth with each HOP aka each extender. RSSI is only the strength of signal… it sounds to me like your suffering bandwidth issues caused by using extenders.

My advice do a “Internet speed test” at the locations your having trouble, I think you will be surprised how much loss you have. You would be better served using something like an Erro mesh network to cover your home.

Hope this helps

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