Why stickup cams automatically switch power source

The question is self explanatory. In the website I noticed stickup cam 3rd gen have dual power source, battery can be used as a backup for plugin version.
But it is surprised to know that it will not automatically change the power source which is a potential feature Ring should consider. Consider the below scenario
If I use battery cams in battery mode I can’t leverage more powerful motion detection and Pre roll feature.
To enable this features I should connect with solar or power adopter and change power mode to wired. In this case battery will drain in no time and it will not charge at all unless we take out the battery and charge it. This behavior is defeating the consent of dual power source. In this case if power goes off then camera is useless. Consider we notices camera is offline and if we are not at home and don’t have access to camera it’s not possible to switch the mode.
Rings camera based motion detection and pre roll features are very important, its should be available with all continues powers sources such as solar too. And auto fallback to battery power in case of plug-in power outage is also a crucial thing ring to consider.