Why only one bridge?

I have a large property with lots of metal sheds. I need to setup another bridge to be able to reach an additional out door smart plug. The Smart Plug I want to install is out of reach from my current bridge. Why can’t I use more than one bridge? Is there a way around this? Why does the smart plug that connects via Wi-Fi need a bridge anyway?

FYI, I did try to move my bridge in between both smart plugs but still to far to reach both at the same time.

Thank you in advance!!


Hi @Biggreen. At this time, only one Ring Smart Lighting Bridge can be set up per Location in the Ring app. You’re welcome to add your feedback regarding the limit to our Feature Request board, which we use to gather and share new ideas with our teams here. Which smart plug are you looking to set up in the Ring app?

Why though? You haven’t explained the reason, if you limit the number of devices per bridge, how can i expand?

There are too many limitations on some of the items. I SHOULD NOT have to start another location to use two bridges. I have to use 3 locations for 3 bridges because of the size of my property.