Why no “one touch” Home or Away alarm mode?

Security systems I have used have a convenient one touch button on the key pad to arm in either “Home” or “Away” modes. Very disappointed to see that this basic feature is not available with Ring. While Ring is a video doorbell and camera company, it’s helpful to provide security features like other competitors. Hope this feature is provided through a remote upgrade.

Agreed - i’m not sure why Ring requires a passcode to arm at the keypad.

I’d much rather see the current system, enter a PIN then turn on/off the alarm.
Too many mischievous teenagers (or relatives) love to tamper with electronic gadgets.

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You can arm and disarm on the app without pin code. The google nest alarm system had a smart tag that you can tap on the keypad for one touch arm and disarm. Would be nice to have auto arm and disarm based on phone location, I believe it just send a reminder if you leave but that won’t show unless you have DND turned off or check the app manually.

It would be great if holding down the home or away button for a few seconds on the keypad would set the alarm.