Why is there no option to cancel an order?

Hi, youe website says an order has to be cancelled within 45 minutes. But your email has no option to cancel the order, even if you go via manage your order, you don’t have an option. Then if I call your UK number, it tells me you are closed at 8pm - so how exactly are you meant to cancel an order in 45 mins? Even chat doesn’t allow you to do it which most other companies have implemented. So as far as I can tell this is either broken and nobody has spotted it, or blatant fraud to not allow people to cancel an order. Can you please explain why I have no actual way to cancel an order?

Hi @rehmana75. You’re correct that an order can be canceled within 45 minutes. On your order confirmation email, there should be a Manage Order button at the bottom. Tap that, and then you’ll arrive at the online order confirmation page, which shows how much time has elapsed since your order was placed. This time elapsed notice and the cancel option could take up to 5 minutes to appear, so you may not have seen it if you checked immediately after placing the order.

Since you were unable to cancel your order within that window, you’ll need to return the order after it arrives. We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. You can learn more about the return and delivery policies for the UK here. If you have any other concerns with your order, or need help setting up a return, please follow up with our support team for further assistance.