Why is the Web Browser view of RING so watered down?

I have a couple of Nest cameras and a couple Ring cameras. The Nest cameras are superior in two ways. They are ALWAYS recording, so even if the camera doesn’t register an event, I can still go to any time and see what was happening.

The other superior feature is their Web browser view supports LIVE viewing. The Ring cameras web view is simply worthless. If I’m home and hear a noise outside, I want to check it out on my computer’s 27" monitor, not squint into my phone’s screen while someone breaks into my car.

Why doesn’t Ring take LIVE view seriously?

For some reason, the web based control of Ring devices is very limited. I too would find it convenient to have the webpage open while working, rather than having my phone with me. I believe the more votes it gets here, the more likely Ring will consider your concern/request. Good luck!

This is unacceptable. I have cameras at my elderly mother’s house. She is being inundated by scam artists or salespeople. I need to monitor who comes to her door. I need to do this on my computer monitor and also speak to them if needed to let them know they are being monitored and/or to get the hell out. Having to do this on my phone is B.S. I need the big monitor to see details of their clothing and vehicles.