Why doesn't the video doorbell 5 plus come with a standard wall mount

I had to send my Video Doorbell 5 Plus back because it came with a corner mount. I’ve got no need for it. I thought it would come with the normal mount that’s like the one for my 2nd Generation Doorbell. I just wanted to screw it onto my brick wall looking straight forward down the footpath in my garden. NOT at an angle. Are there no wall mounts for the Doorbell 5 plus like the 2nd Generation Doorbell? I’ve seen the non screw on mounts but I don’t like the look of them.

Hi @MacGyver. The Corner Kit is optional, you do not need to use it when installing the Battery Video Doorbell Plus. You can find the installation instructions here. If you do not use the Corner Kit, you will just install the Doorbell directly to the wall according to the installation steps.