Why does my ring disconnect when I’m abroad

The whole purpose of a ring doorbell is security this is why I spent over 300 pounds to be able to see and speak to anyone at my door. Please tell me why I have to pay extra to be able to see history, nest would never include such a barbaric option to never be able to view any events apart from live view they actually have the option of 3 hours of previous viewing per day even to non subscribers. I just accepted it and realised I may have just wasted my money on the wrong brand but now and the reason I am writing this is that I am currently abroad please tell me why I cannot view EVEN my live view because apparently I am not connected to my router this makes absolutely zero sense as a security system that isn’t even cheap this is why I’m outraged. I checked the ring website you state that any device subscription or not can use the live view what a great lie or maybe a glitch which is still appalling as this is for security purposes

Here is an image for proof. I can control my fan at home from where I am now and I can’t see live view this is such a let down from all your advertisements you make it seem great however your just robbing your customers paying extra on top to view any form of previous footage nest doesn’t do this and now this, I should’ve got nest and I recommend anyone reading this do not buy ring doorbells I cannot speak on behalf of the cameras as I don’t have one and definitely wont now unless this is rectified my view will not change and I will continue to tell everyone to stay away. I really hope this isn’t the case and you actually make a brand that is fair to non-subscribers at least some viewing time LIKE NEST already do. And please fix this issue I am now abroad and expect delivery’s which is now a massive inconvenience also i am now unsure whether my house could be a bundle of ash on the floor. At least my fans still connected I know the house is there but this is a horrible feeling I thought I would fork out yet again over 300 pound on a doorbell(plus installation) as it’s wired it should at least let me access live view. And yes my wifi is running 1000 mbps so the wifi is working just fine.

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