Why do you insist that I am transferring ownership to my wife? Also you asking us to invest i your protect plan. I've jus paid over $300 for this phone and you want more. The system has taken about 3 weeks to get to where I am now and the chime

Your have a message on my phone telling me that I’m transferring the ring doorbell ownership, not true. Im trying to share the device. But I have a problem in that the chime will not connect to my wifi, why?

Hi @user67634. If you need to add a Shared User to your Ring Doorbell, make sure to follow the steps outlined here. You must be the Owner (the person who set the device up under their Ring account) of a device in order to add a Shared User to it. Regarding your Ring Chime, are you running into issues during the setup process? Feel free to share a screenshot demonstrating what you’re seeing on your end.