Why can't I change the Motion Sensitivity within Motion Settings for my Ring Floodlight Battery and Solar Pathlight devices?

I have 7 Ring Floodlight Battery devices and 4 Ring Solar Pathlight devices. I receive motion alerts all day long from all of the devices, which is being caused by the changing sunlight (with passing clouds). I am wanting to change the motion sensitivity within the motion settings to prevent these motion alerts; however, I don’t want to completely disable/turn off the motions alerts, because I still want to receive motion alerts caused by someone walking by. For each of the devices, Motion Sensitivity is set to High, but when I change it to Low (or any other setting) and save it, it will go right back to being set to High. Is there a fix for this?

Hi @mclavin15. Which version of the Ring app are you on? Are you using an iOS or Android device? If possible, please also share a short screen recording demonstrating you changing the setting, and the setting going back to what it was originally. This information would be helpful to share with my team so they can see what’s going on.