Why are my posts being denied?

You allow people to post about wondering pets but you delete my post about a woman who is wondering around my front door. It’s my job to report suspicious people to my neighbors so we look out for each other. If you continue to deny my posts how can I alert my neighbors? This woman walked up to my entry, looked around and left. She obviously was looking for a package. She had nothing to deliver. Yet you remove my post so I am unable to make neighbors aware of a suspicious person.

Lately something is going on with posts. I too had a post denied, last summer, as being “not relevant” but now in the last three days I’ve been seeing repeat posts, and posts asking about the name of a guy who sells honey on a street corner and asking for referral to mobile mechanic. No emergency situation referenced, just an inquiry. Definitely less “relevant” than mine was.

Hi Neighbors. If a post was denied, it was likely removed for going against Neighbors App Community Guidelines. You can review the Guidelines here.

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