Why am I having trouble accessing devices over WiFi?

It seems to take ages opening a view on any of the devices displaying ‘activating device’ when I’m on my home WiFi and commonly fails to open at all. If I switch WiFi off my phone and on 4g it connects quickly. I have good WiFi Internet connection on my phone with various Wireless access points around the house connected over 1gig RJ45 cable to the modem router. All Ring devices have a good connection. Any ideas why the differences?

Hey @darrenuk. You may have different apps in the background that are using up the wifi on your phone, or your phone’s wifi connection may not be as strong if you are in any “dead zones” in your home. Although you seem to have just fine and stable connections throughout your home, some homes will still have these dead zones where the wifi connection to any devices, such as your phone, in this dead zone, will have a hard time working with the upload speeds to your phone. I personally have this same thing happen to me and will sometimes switch over to data as well to speed up loading time of videos and other things, such as the Live View for my devices.


I use an app called Wi-Fi Sweetspots which does a good job of identifying strong signals or dead zones. I am not so convinced that my phone is using up lots of data over wifi via other apps but I’ll certainly look into that next time it happens. In typical fashion when investigating it appears the problem has gone away, where live views open up quickly over wi-fi. I will continue to monitor and report back if the problem crops up again and can rule out dead zones or greedy apps hogging up bandwidth.



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