Who spies, who switch off cameras, that is the question

Spies? If i turn my camera to the walls because i noticed the light moving so feels been spied on then I can no longer view what i am paying to view with my subscription.
So cancelling my subscription
Fed up with spies, comedy of showing stupid messages like check your connection.
My connection and my internet are great with google but not ring!

Hi @PatriciaMarchand. The Ring Community is a neighbor-to-neighbor support forum, where neighbors can help each other with questions. Our team is also always happy to help with general troubleshooting tips and tricks. As a reminder, you can find the Ring Community Guidelines here. We want to ensure posts are kept on topic, and duplicate or spam posts may be removed.

We have already replied to one of your previous posts regarding the same concern. You can find that response here. As stated there, nobody has access to your Ring devices unless you add them as a Shared User. Additionally, you should review the RSSI for your devices to determine if they are receiving a strong internet connection. Further help can be obtained from our support team if this information doesn’t help.