Which Wifi will be used when setting up new smart light?

I have a Wifi extender setup in the back of my house where I plan to install a smart light. When setting up the smart light, I want it to connect to the SSID for that extender, rather than my primary SSID, because the extender has a much stronger signal in that part of my house. However, when setting up the smart light in the Ring App, it doesn’t provide any option to select a specific SSID. Will it always use the strongest signal available to the device?

Hi @Mloamiller. Ring Smartlights do not connect to your wifi. They connect to a Ring Bridge using a radio frequency; this is why you do not have the option to connect it to your wifi. You first setup the Ring Bridge, and then you connect the Smartlights to your Bridge. You can also use a Ring Alarm Pro or Echo device as a Bridge.

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