Which street?

I was so tired of seeing this question in the comments until I was with my parents and they received a notification. After looking at their phones, both of them asked “which street?” and I instantly thought “Geezus! Y’all are those people!”
I grabbed their phones to show them how to use the map but I have to admit, even I was confused. Their house was there but where was the blue circle with the crime? Because it was right next door to them (literally), their house was in the circle… so when you first look at it you think, “yes, that’s the general area of my house” but you don’t realize the crime took place there.
I’m not sure I’m explaining this well and have no idea how to make this more clear but can we please work on this?
I hate seeing neighbors frustrated because they can figure out where the crime occurred and the OP isn’t answering for safety reasons. I also hate that the people who need to know the most are the ones left most confused.