Which SSID I should use on Extended WiFi

So I have a TPlink wifi extender. My AP broadcasts on an SSID lets call it APSSID. I set up the extender and that had an option to name its own SSID. I named it TPSSID, both APSSID and TPSSID are on 2.4GHz. The 5Ghz SSIDs are separate but not using the 5Ghz, so not of any relevance here.

At my ring video 3+, I can see I get both the SSIDs. Certainly the TPSSID is stronger as the APSSID clocks up a speed on the wifi speed test about 10Mbps lower than TPSSID.

My phone is always using APSSID. So now should I connect my Ring 3+ to TPSSID or APSSID since both are ‘available’. if connected to APSSID will it be more responsive on my phone since phone is connected with the APSSID? What is the recommended practise in this case.

Thank you for your help and input.

Hi @MM6. The Ring Video Doorbell 3+ is capable of connecting to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I would first connect to the 2.4Ghz network and then check your RSSI of the Doorbell in the Ring app, under the Device Health tile. You can then connect to your 5Ghz and check to see if the RSSI has improved or not. You can stay connected to the network that will give you the best RSSI. I hope this helps!