Which one to choose?

I am in the process of researching Ring products. I don’t have a security system at all right now. I have pets, so I don’t know what type of indoor system would work but I live on a corner. I also have no doorbell.
The doorbell cam is just to identify people at the front door and you have to be at your phone to use it?
What if you are not at home? What other options are there for seeing your front yard and/or recording video?
What if your wifi fails for some reason?

Hi @EllieN. Thanks for wanting to learn more about Ring! For creating a Ring of security around you home, we have the Ring Alarm system. This has door and window Contact Sensors, Motion Sensors and Keypads! Our Video Doorbells will send alerts to your phone when there is motion detected and when the doorbell button is pushed. Different power options are available. We also have many Security Cameras that can cover your front, back and side yard. If you lose wifi, your cameras will be offline until wifi is restored. Our Ring Alarm does have a Cellular Backup if you have the Ring Protect Plan. I hope this helps!