Where to place doorbell?


Not sure on the best place to put the Doorbell 3 plus?

I’m thinking between the window and door frame (just above the existing door bell) or would it work better on the left or right hand side in the masonry. As a guide the window shelf next to the door is 1.2m. I’ve been overthinking and now can’t decide!

thanks ?

If it was me I’d temporarily try it by holding it and look at the live view as you move it around to see if the area covered suits you. Think how it would work at each using the tilt brackets too.
Think if each position will pick up neighbours or swaying trees bushes etc.

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If it were me I would place it on the door architrave level with the top of the first pane of glass (On the right as you look at the door) That’s where most people would look and you want to see who it is not just their chests. The biggest issue I found angling it so it shows the ground almost by the doormat etc. Could just be me as all my motion points are set that nobody can get to the front door anywhay.