Where is my order?

Ordered a Ring Spotlight Camera Mount on Saturday (5/9). This order is still processing. I ordered Solar Pathlights and bridge on Monday (5/11) and I received that package on Thursday (5/15).

I called the your ring help yesterday (5/15) and the only update your employee could give me was that my order had been boxed but he did not know when the shipper would actually pick up the order. I was told that hopefully I would receive my tracking number in the next week. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? If my order has actually been boxed like I was told, then it sure as heck should have shipped by now.

I get that items get backorderd. If that is the case, then your website should accurately display this information and customers should be given accurate estimates on when they will see their orders.

Also, Credit Cards should not be charged until items have been shipped.

Please fix these items in the future so customers will not have to contact you multiple ways to find out when they will receive their items. Hoping to see this order soon!

Hey @lc0105. Thank you for sharing your feedback and experience here in the Community. I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate teams for you, as this is not the experience we want our neighbors to have. As we are a neighbor to neighbor support forum, I would recommend to continue to follow up with our support team to see if they have any additional tracking or information for you so that you know when your package is on the way to you. Thank you, neighbor! :slight_smile:

Customer service rep Gerald was wonderful. Neither him nor his superviser were able to find out the status of my order, but they were able to successfully help me cancel it. Gerald was very patient and did everything he could to help find me answers.

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