Where is my order how long should it take?

How long should it take to get your order when you buy ring products online?

At the moment it taken over 10days and still have not seen or heard anything.
Dont even know if order is on its way and feel like change out the whole ring system now.

with regards.

It is because once you place a order with Ring and they charge your card they do not have anyone who cares. They do not have anyone that can handle a issue. I placed a order 10 days ago for (2) systems over $1000. The second package was not delivered. Tracking shows “bad address” or “incorrect address” then the same day “was not ordered, return to shipper”. It is the same address they used the day before. I have been calling customer service since the 22nd. They tell me to wait someone will contact me to resolve it. I can not understand them and they can not understand me either. I thought they would ship the items again but NO. I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THEM TO CONTACT ME.
They probably spent several million to put together a system to make it easy to place a order and most of all to charge your card. They spent $10.00 on a customer service department to handle problems.

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