Where is customer support number or email?

I guess since it was bought my Amazon they want to make it almost impossible to find a way to talk to a person. It’s time for my annual renewal and my credit card was declined and I try to put it in again and it’s not taking my credit card. It says “Credit card not updated try another card” or something. Of course no contact us button. Screw it! This is very irritating. I want to talk to someone. Geeeezzzzz.

See attached photos for where it’s hidden in plain site…

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I’m on a computer. When I hit help I get a drop down list it is things such as ‘device help’, FAQ, community, etc. I did discover a couple clicks into one is a phone number. Companies hate for people to call them these days and so they hide their phone number 2 or 3 clicks deep someplace. At the very top needs to be a tab that reads ‘contact us’ and the phone number be right there when you click it.

Hi neighbor-- if you click on the Help tab > Device Help and then the main drop down, you’ll see ‘Get in Touch’, which takes you here https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036196372-Get-in-Touch – hope this helps!

Almost all websites place their support connections on the bottom of the page. So if you don’t see it look at the bottom.

I had a similar issue with bad support.

We should all try a different company. My next door neighbor has the Nest doorbell and it is awsesome, as was their tech supoport helpiong him out initially.

I have to say you do like to post a bunch of negative posts. You may be better off getting something else. I have a bunch of Ring stuff and have no issues. Many do as well. By the way, why would anyone bother to try and help someone that’s negative and says they’re going to try something else? Not many…

Won’t one of you just please share the number - not what you clicked

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Depends on where you live. Scroll to bottom of the page and click support.

I am after UK customer support phone or email. For some reason my subscription ended, not sure what went wrong, they used to take money automatically (I am using this service for 3+ years) - in the past I could contact them via the mobile app.

Simple Google search gives you this page


Numbers halfway down the page.
Sometimes it pays to help yourself rather than reply on others!

Doesn’t matter, they don’t pick up and they don’t answer the emails. Totally useless company.

Hi neighbors! Depending on your region, our support team is able to assist best by phone. During this time email and chat support is unavailable, or limited, and hours may vary by region. Check out Ring’s response to Covid to learn more. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: