Where do I plug in the solar panel?

I purchased three solar panels a while ago but didn’t end up opening them until now and have been using batteries with the stick up cam. They are placed in an area now with lots of sun and I went to go hook it up but there isn’t a port on the camera to plug it into…
The solar panels have barrel plugs. Even if I get a usb adapter for it, the way the battery is inserted to the camera blocks the usb port. I have a gen 2 stick up camera and it was suppose to be compatible. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Izzy360503. The Stick Up Cam 2nd Gen should be compatible with the original Solar Panels, which have a barrel plug. Can you share a picture of the back of the Camera? This way I can see what you’re seeing to try and help with the installation. You can also follow up with our support team for one-on-one assistance with setting up your Solar Panel with your Stick Up Cam.