When does monitoring center call?

I am a fairly new Ring owner with professional monitoring. A few days ago I forgot to disarm the alarm before opening a rear door. The alarm immediately went off. I disarmed the system as quickly as I could…probably took about 30-60 seconds. I expected to receive a call from the monitoring center but never did. Why didn’t anyone call?

Hi @Bob_R ! Our support team has a great article to teach you more about our Professional Monitoring Center .

Still looking for an answer. Does the monitoring center call whenever the alarm goes off or do they not call if it is disarmed within a certain amount of time? Thanks.

Hey @Bob_R! If your Alarm is triggered from an armed mode, the professional monitoring center will call the emergency contacts in your app. The only time they do not call is if you’ve used the Duress feature, in which responders are dispatched immediately. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Jennifer - I too am new to Ring and have signed up for the professional monitoring. I read all the info and understand the workings. If the alarm goes off, say a burglar breaks in or a grand kid opens a door trigggering the alarm what is the average time it takes for the monitoring center to make the call to the first contact? (IE Less than a minute, 1-2 min, greater than 2?) thanks - railroad_guy