When are videos actually deleted from servers? I can still access them via web link after 60 days

Once you manually delete a video they should delete them from their servers for privacy issues (they don’t need access to our videos after we’ve deleted them?). I understand that videos may be stored for up to 60 days if you have one of the paid plans. However, the file still exists on their servers past that mark. I know this because I saved one of the links to a video and, then deleted it from my app. When I click on the link even after 60 days, the video is still viewable. I understand that if a link is created and you share it, anyone with the link may view it… but it was my understanding that it was only until I deleted the file from the ring app OR the maximum length of time of the “life” of the video on their server… not (seemingly) forever. So my question is… when are they (if at all) actually deleted?? I don’t like the idea of my videos being stored on there forever, especially if I ever wanted to cancel my account in the future. Huge data privacy issue there.

Thanks for reaching out about this. Here at Ring, we take privacy and security extremely seriously, and are always working on ways to enhance our offerings to our neighbors. We are currently working on a capability that will allow you to unshare videos they have been previously shared.

That’s good to know that they’re working on that feature, however, that wasn’t my main question. My question is how long are our videos actually stored on your servers/how long do you keep them? Because I see the videos past the 60 day mark. These are our personal videos so I would hope that we can have some control over our data… if not I will start looking at other options because I would rather my videos not stored on your servers forever. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi @grego. To answer your question, any private videos that have not been shared via a share link are automatically deleted following the expiration of your account’s applicable storage period under the Ring Protect Plan. We’re working on a feature to provide you the ability to delete these shared videos yourself, but in the meantime please reach out to our support team at ring.com/callus if you’d like to have a share link deleted.