What "Works with Ring" Smart Locks and Garage Door Controllers work 100% in CANADA?

I am looking at switching to Ring, but I’ve noticed many Works with Ring devices do not integrate fully, or partially, in Canada.

Can anyone recommend a smart lock and garage door controller that integrates fully and properly?

The main functions I’m concerned about:

  1. I’d like unlocking the smart lock to disarm Ring Security

  2. I’d like the smart lock and garage to be able to be locked/unlocked/closed/opened within the Ring app

Thank you!

Glad you asked, @thatdaveguy! Works With Ring (WWR) compatible devices and locks should work and be available in Canada. There can be a difference in devices depending on whether they are basic or certified Works With Ring. Visit the link below for a comparison between basic and certified WWR features.

For more information on specific Works With Ring devices, here is our help center articles for WWR Locks and WWR devices.

If there is anything specific you are looking to be added to Works With Ring, feel free to add a request on our Feature Request Board. Thank you :slight_smile: