What’s the point of hardwired power for Doorbell 3?

Hello. I recently installed a Ring Doorbell 3 and added a hardwired power supply. The app confirms power is now Hardwired.

The question I have is that the battery was at 99% and it has still drained to 94% in a day. Is this normal? I am confused. Why is it discharging so when connected to an external power supply? I feel I might as well not have bothered.

These forums seem awash with issues regarding hardwiring the power but no one seems to explain what the issue is.

Sorry to reply to myself but I have just found some information from the Ring website that I found useful. Hopefully it will help,others too…

’ **Note: ** To maximize battery life, your Ring Video Doorbell 3 does not begin its automated recharging cycle until the battery reaches about 90%. That means that Ring Video Doorbell 3 units connected to solar recharging units or internal wiring will not see increases in battery percentages until the battery falls below 90%.’

I just installed my £50 solar charger today, it doesn’t show any pointers to which wire is plus/negative. As it stands, the device is continuing to drop in charge… It’s a shame the Ring tech support is so poor.

Hi @KarlM! As long as the wires are securely connected to your Video Doorbell terminals, the Solar Charger should work as intended. Please ensure it is receiving direct sunlight for several hours for a proper charge.

Here’s our help center article for installing the Solar charger, if needed, as well as our Community post about common battery draining variables. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

When you say “direct sunlight”, I presume if my front door/solar panel is facing away it simply won’t charge even though most solar panels take any light rather than ‘direct sunlight’?

So… a complete waste money for most of England.

Great… How do I apply for a refund?

You are correct, @KarlM. The Solar Panel does require direct sunlight/ UV in order to produce the adequate and intended charge for your Doorbell. Sorry to hear that this does not work for your current setup!

I’m unsure about the wiring in your home, but an 8 to 24 VAC power supply can also accomplish a trickle charge to your Video Doorbell. Nevertheless, for an easy returning of the Solar Panel, follow the steps in our return policy article.