What Products Will I Need

We are building a new home and we will be using Ring. The builder is at the point where he is asking us about doorbells. We will want some sort of “chime” throughout the house when someone is there.

  1. What do we purchase?

  2. Should we go ahead and have a traditional doorbell installed in addition to using Ring?

Thank you.

Hi @mwhittington. You do have lots of different options to choose from in this situation! If you wish to have an internal chime box that is wired to a front doorbell and has it’s own system to give you the ding-dong sound, this is something to discuss with your builder.

In the instance you do not want to have to worry about wiring, I recommend to not have any doorbell installed, and just use a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and however many Chime/Chime Pro’s you will need. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a battery powered device that you will mount on the side of your door, and once connected to the app with the Chimes, will automatically play a sound through the Chime’s speakers throughout your home where you have them at. If you plan to have many other Ring devices like the Cameras, I recommend to get the Chime Pro over the Chime, as you can connect any Ring Doorbells or Cameras to the Chime Pro to help it extend your wifi network and better increase the performance and connection to your Ring devices.