What is with these recent POSSIBLE notifications?

What is with all these POSSIBLE thefts, POSSIBLE assault notifications I am getting now, that just started recently. I’ve minimized my area so I don’t receive excessive notifications. I get a few notifications per day, and now I’m getting up to several per hour. They don’t even mean anything. “POSSIBLE THEFT”? What is that supposed to even mean? So someone within a 1/4 mile of that area MIGHT have stolen a car, a candybar, anything else, or nothing at all? I have had a post denied when it was a peeper on my property looking in the neighbor’s yard, and this is important? Why are these notifications coming through all of a sudden, and so many of them.

Then on the notification it says information provided by (www.onsolve.com ) Their website is nothing. It has no information about any of these, and I question how legitimate it is. Are they spamming my area? This is nonsense.

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Ive been trying to speak to or notify ring about these false alerts. They are obviously spam for that company, but Ive had no luck. It is so frustrating.

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Hi neighbors. Can you please also provide screenshots of the notifications you are receiving? This will help me look into the concern further. Thank you

I averaged 3-5 events for my area per day. I have customized my zone map to cover about 4-5 sq miles. This is 65 events in the last, I want to say two days.

15 POSSIBLE THEFTS in the last 24 hours (on a Tuesday). They are reporting POSSIBLE THEFT, POSSIBLE ASSAULT, and POSSIBLE SHOOTING. I wouldn’t even be bothered by it as much, if they actually followed up on these, and removed or locked the ones that weren’t, or provided case #s and follow up information for legitimate calls. Or reported the actual calls and let me choose which notifications I wanted. It looks like they are just forwarding all police calls to ring, and with the lack of effort in doing it, I question their motives. To me this looks like an excuse for them to post their website.

Hi @user27751. Thank you for providing these screenshots; that helped a great deal. These notifications from Onsolve have been investigated and have now been turned off. Their previous posts will remain, but you should not see any new ones appear. Thank you for your time and patience.

I will confirm that I haven’t received any of these notifications in the last 24 hours. The last one was right before I uploaded the pictures. You solved that quick. Thank you Justin.

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