What is up with neighbors access

On my phone, I have direct access to neighbors alerts for both my locations in the Ring App. I realize there may be a push to have people get the neighbors app, BUT I DON’T WANT A SEPARATE APP.

I see now, on the web page interface, there is no access to the neighbor alerts. I am pretty sure it was there, and wonder if it has been removed as part of a push to get people to use the neighbors app.

My suggestion/request is that:

  1. Neighbors alerts remain on my dashboard in the Ring Phone App, AND
  2. The neighbors alerts be available on my Ring dashboard on the web page (I do not see any access to neighbors on the web page from a laptop and I can’t install the app on a windows or a mac laptop).

If you want people over 50, you need to accomodate access through desktops and laptops and limit how many accounts one has to have to get what one is looking for.