What is this?

This is an anomaly that shows up at night. No set times. It can go several days without showing up. I have gone outside with my phone. While I am standing there, it appears on the app but I can see and hear nothing.

The falling specs are usually dust or even fog at times. That line looks like a refection of a line of lights or even Infrared lights. So you would not see either. Maybe a light in the distance you might see but not any Infrared lights.

https://youtu.be/R6HIuvHamGMHere is another look. The “lights” are in front of the trees. They move up and down. I got a broom to wave in front of the camera and they are still there. No noise at all.

That’s a spider web for sure. I can see it clearly. They’re a pain and can set off the motion detection. They see the Infrared light that we cannot see. They place webs in front so other bugs that see the light get caught. You can Google spider webs in front of cams and see other videos like this.