What is latest on always home camera (drone)?

I requested an invitation for early release a year ago and I’m not seeing any updates of progress being made towards this exciting new addition to the Ring family. Was hoping to at least see news around potential release dates but to date have seen nothing. Am I missing updates? Ring Always Home Cam, an Indoor Flying Camera | Ring

Hi @dylanwhitehead. The Ring Always Home Cam is available by invitation only via Amazon for neighbors located in the United States. If you have already submitted your request for an invitation via the link provided, you’ll receive an email if you are selected to participate. The Always Home Cam will be available for general purchase outside of Amazon’s Invitation program at a later date, but we do not have any updates on when that may be. :slight_smile:

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This is some grade A BS. Ive spent thousands of dollars on your cameras, security system, ect. And even have the monthly service yet I cant get an “invite” to your “high rollers” club, which I requested over a year ago. I know its petty but I’ll be switching to Wyze. Peace.