What information on me have you sold on to other companies?

I want to know, dates and times included, exactly which information you’ve extracted from my doorbell and then shared/sold on to other companies.

How could you possibly improve a doorbell by harvesting phone sensor information?

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Hi @Hemmer . Ring is not in the business of selling your personal information. However, it is necessary for Ring to share your information with certain third parties in order for you to be able to use your Ring device and associated services or for them to perform services on our behalf. At the core of Ring is respect for the privacy and security of our users, and we continue to evaluate ways in which we can provide you with even more control of your devices and personal information. We plan to provide our users with updates when available.

Hi Jennifer,

With all due respect, and sorry to burst your bubble, but that is absolutely not true.

You don’t need to share customer information with anyone. Nor should you.

I don’t know about the US market but here in the EU this IS a violation of the GDPR law.

Putting something like ‘we’re sharing data with 3rd parties’ in the usage agreements may fly in the USA, but in the EU region, you NEED -explicit- consent to be allowed to do this.

Guess what… you don’t. So start giving your PAYING CUSTOMERS an option to OPT IN on this 3rd party data sharing crap, as per LEGAL requirement. And no datasharing by default if they don’t (and I don’t see whom in their right mind would actually -want- to turn that on.)

We pay good money for those products, and this should have been made apparent before purchase. (Like on the box or something)

Stop violating your customers RIGHTS! (at least those in the European Union) ; I don’t know the legal specifics in the US, but even there, it should be considered ‘acting on bad faith’. (especially since Ring, like you stated, claims to have privacy in high regard)

And an option to just delete ALL userdata and by doing so, bricking your device, IS NOT an acceptable option either.

It is OUR data, and Ring has NO RIGHT into beguiling their customers in this manner.

Thank you.

A customer that feels their trust in Ring was misplaced.