What do I need to use a Ring Mailbox Sensor

I would like to add a Ring Mailbox Sensor. It’s not at all clear from the Amazon listing what I need to use one.

I have a Ring Alarm (2nd gen) base station and an Echo Show 5 (2nd gen, 2021 release). I use the Ring app on my Android phone. What else do I need to be able to get alerts on the Ring app? Ring Bridge?

Can it be used to trigger my Ring Spotlight Camera?


Hi @CandB. This Help Center page here will tell you which Echo devices are Bridge-compatible and how to use them as a Bridge for your Mailbox Sensor. The Echo Show 5 does not appear to be Bridge-compatible. You will need a Ring Bridge or compatible Echo device to use with the Mailbox Sensor to receive notifications. Also, the Mailbox Sensor does have the ability to activate your Camera to record. When you have your Mailbox Sensor set up, follow these steps to link it to a Video Doorbell or Camera:

  • Open Ring app
  • Select menu button( three lines, top left)
  • Tap Devices
  • Select your Mailbox Sensor
  • Tap Linked Devices
  • Tap the recording option for any of your Video Doorbells or Cameras
  • Tap Save on top right side

I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, thanks. One more question, with a Mailbox Sensor and Ring Bridge, can the Echo Show 5 also provide alerts?