What cellular network(s) does the Access Controller Pro 2 run on?

Does the device run only on the AT&T network like the Base Station Pro? Or does it run on other networks such as Verizon or T-Mobile? Is there a way to request a device that runs on an alternate network? I have an application in a rural area with spotty AT&T service.

Hi @Phildude. The Ring Access Controller Pro comes with an AT&T SIM card in it, so the cellular connection will utilize AT&T networks. If AT&T doesn’t offer good coverage in your area, the Access Controller Pro 2 also has an ethernet port so you can use an ethernet cable. I hope this information helps.

@Phildude I am having trouble with my AT&T backup on the Ring Alarm Pro and I was told by several different customer support agents that AT&T is the only option available. The entire reason I upgraded to the Ring Alarm Pro was for the cellular backup functionality!