Welcome neighbor! Please introduce yourself

Thanks for the invite and I hope to be a valuable asset to the neighborhood, my name is Breeze I am a 63 yr.old retired Marine who enjoys a quiet life,in the mtn.s I have no complaints to date with my ring security cameras I have been using for over a year,they provide a complete perimeter visibility, this is all I have to report for now, once again thank you for your time and information and invite, Breeze.

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Hello everyone, My name is Larry, I live in Lewiston, idaho, and I’ve had my floodkight security cam for about 7 months.
The issue im having is i can’t get it to go live.
It will record and playback, but i cant look at a live feed. Ive tried a hard reset,but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

Hi my names is Jim and I have a Ring 1st Generation which I have been successfully usingfor about 4 or 5 years. I have been coasting along happy to recharging my ring often. But have now decided to try and upgrade and see if I can fix up a few minor issues with my ring.

I had Iris and loved it until discontinued. Now have Ring doorbells and cameras. There are pros and cons. I recently retired and enjoy going to the race track with my Roush supercharged Mustang. .

I bought a Ring doorbell 4 a few weeks ago, I didn’t hardwire it and the rssi was averaging -75, the router was about 40ft away, I tried a wi fi extender but didn’t help really. Then I read about about the Chime Pro, so I bought one last week and the rssi went to -44 and stayed to thereabouts. But the problem I have is that since I’ve set the chime pro up the doorbell doesn’t notify people approaching, we only know they are here once they ring the bell etc, the postman actually came and never showed up up on it! Never happened before, could it be coincidence or have I done something wrong in setting up? Would appreciate any help please and thank you for taking the time to read.

My names is James I used to be with mid state alarms out of central Wisconsin . We all retired now so I know about alarms. I been looking at several companies for my current house. I am going with ring systems. Nice product and service.

Hi there… Olivia from Cork Ireland… loving my ring system. I just have a issue with one of my cameras, I have a pinkish image… when I go into settings/ health I reboot it, which is sorted then the next day same thing happens… how do I permanently sort it?? Thank you everyone! Olivia.

Hi everyone, my name is Jason. I live in Mission Viejo with my wife. We’ve lived here for close to 20 years. I just got my first RING device last week, and love it so far. I’m looking forward to reading and posting communications of different going’s on from around the neighborhood.

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy and I live in the Bayside Forest community of Prince Frederick, MD with my husband Bill. We just installed our first (Ring) video doorbell last week so are very new to all this. Looking forward to getting to know the Ring system!

Hey neighbors, welcome to the Ring Community! We’re glad to have you here, and feel free to browse the forum to find device tips and troubleshooting assistance. If you have a specific question, you can create a new topic in the category that best fits.

I am totally new here just trying to get everything to work. I’m from Longview,Washington and we are the Hobson’s. Last night someone beat on our door pretty hard and it scared the heck out of my wife and myself. It spired me to purchase a ring. I installed the camera but it seems to not want to verify my identity. I tried so many times now I have to wait an hour.!
Hope you ring vets out there will be available to help us through this process. Thanks

I’m Katie from The Adirondack Mountains in New York State.
We’ve had some Ring Devices for at least two years now.
One problem I have is my account says my Cellular Backup Carrier is AT@T. But, our cellphone system is through Verizon. Is that a problem or can I keep it as AT&T?

Hi, I am Rhetta. I have had my ring cameras for a long time. I especially liked the ring for desktop. Now I have to rely on the ring on the web. My experience with that is this. You click on the pop up from ring. Then you have to verify your account (even with keeping me logged in) then there is another page that pops up then another one. IF someone is breaking into my car by the time I can look at what is actually going on, it’s too late then. With the desktop, it was instant. I am seriously thinking of going over to Simpli Safe if they do not bring the desk top back. I have even tried the Bluestacks version of Ring just to be able to have a desktop version but it is not the same as the original desktop I always used from Ring. Am I the only one that loved the desktop version? Thanks.

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Hi, I’m Mark. I purchased two jobsite security systems for two separate sites. What I thought would be a simple solution for connecting a remote system via cell service (since there is no wifi at the jobsites) turned out to be a horrible mess and hours of wasted time troubleshooting.

First off, the customer service is abominable. Each time I would call to get tech support to walk me through the very convoluted setup between Ring and Eero, I would get different setup instructions. It has been over a month and I have burned through my free trial and I still do not have either of these systems set up. I have made numerous calls. The least they did for me was issue come credits to compensate me for the hassle.

On the latest call, I was told that customer support is not trained on the jobsite system. I have gone through several failed attempts with customer support to connect the service. There apparently is no escalation dept. where senior techs are trained on this system that can help me.

Short of having to pay to have it professionally installed by Ontec which I shouldn’t have to do, I am completely lost. These are for temporary use.

I am reaching out of frustration before I give up and return the systems.

Any and all help appreciated.

Hi. My name is James. We just purchased a Ring Security Light/camera and Stick up camera bundle through a local Costco. I’ve also added another Stick up Camera. I’ve installed all three and the security light/camera system is working great. However we’ve had problems with the stick up cameras consistently detecting motion. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the Ring Customer Service people who have been helpful. But I still have problems getting reliable, consistent motion detection from the two SU cameras. What’s been your experience?

Hello, my name is John. I have a Ring Generation 2 battery doorbell. We also have a couple of indoor cameras for keeping an eye on our cats😀. I’m wondering if there is a kit that will connect my battery doorbell to a small solar panel that I can put on my roof. I would need a cord about 25 feet in length. Do they make such a thing? Thanks.

Hi neighbors, we appreciate you joining the Ring Community and sharing a little about yourselves! This thread is NOT for troubleshooting. If you need assistance with your Ring device or the Ring app, please create a post in the correct Category that corresponds with your concern.

Hiya everyone my name is Jan and I come from the UK. Thankyou for letting me join the community after along time in trying to join. I look forward to meeting you all

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