Weird purple tinge color on night vision

hello I bought a Ring wired doorbell from amazon UK and on night vision / (colored nightvision) I am getting a distracting purple tinge of color from vehicle headlights going down the road and people’s faces approaching the doorbell and reflected off car registration plates and reflective signs - could this be a fault with the doorbell? - I have been on a FB group and they said it looks to be faulty something about a filter or something.
Here are some night pictures from it - pretty bad quality, bleached out over exposed face and purple colors :

Face overexposed and purple tinge to face and hair - reflection off car registration plate purple!

Hi @andy_in_ireland. I’d recommend performing a reset on your Doorbell by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds. Once the reset is complete, walk through a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. If the video is still discolored, please reach out to our support team to see what options are available.

Hi. Is the imagine pink/purple during the day. If it is then its the IR cut filter that is stuck. Tap the doorbell and see if it helps as that can dislodge it. If daytime images are fine then try turning off colour night vision. Being 100% honest, its not that good, its ok but isn’t going to give you a full colour image. I have it off on my devices and just use IR which I find give a better/clearer although black and white image.

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The “solution” is as @bemak187 said; take a rubber mallet, hold something soft on the other side of the camera to brace it, and semi-gently tap the side(s) while watching the live view. You’ll see the filter moving around. Keep “adjusting it with bangs” until it’s out of the way.

The fact that it gets stuck like that though makes me wonder if there’s something in there that could use a little bit of lube so the filter slides around better, but I can’t find any teardowns of the camera itself (only the lights) so I can examine it’s innards before going in blind, and don’t really wanna do the latter.

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