Wedge Kit mounting

Hi all,

I recently purchased a Ring Video Doorbell 3 along with a Wedge Kit + No-Drill Mount.

I just wanted to know if its possible to use double-sided tape to mount the Wedge Kit or does it definitely need to be drilled? I was hoping to mount the doorbell onto the No-Drill Kit then mount that on top of the Wedge Kit.


Thank you.

Great question, @Doorbells.This will depend on preference and environment, but we’ve seen neighbors utilize double sided tape as a creative solution before!

The Video Doorbell and Wedge kits are intended to be installed using the hardware for various reasons. Securely installing your Video Doorbell with screws makes use of the security measures (security screw) to avoid theft. It also helps to keep the parts close together and close to the wall for further protection again weather or even shaking loose. With these factors in mind, if you are considering double sided tape, I recommend first checking out our No Drill Mounting brackets found on our accessories page at :slight_smile:

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