Website won't load recorded videos more than a day old

This is frustrating. I have three cameras and the Plus Plan. The website won’t load all my recorded videos. And one camera has time stamps in the oposite direction. I contacted customer service and was told to just use the app. I am older and need larger images to view. The solution provided is not satisfactory. Why not fix the website?? Other have complained about this same problem in the past.

Hey @Duntov19. Our teams are currently working on making some new improvements to the website and we are hoping to bring these changes to our neighbor soon. This will include allowing you to view more of your event history on, as our teams are aware that the app will show all events while the website is unable to load all of them at this time. In the meanwhile, I do recommend using the app to look for specific events, and you can always download/email the videos to yourself so you can then view it on your computer. Please feel free to continue to check in on the website in the meantime, and let me know if you see these changes pop up and how you like them in the future! :slight_smile:

How far back can we go? Trying to find video for my front door camera from Sept 2020? I have always had protection plan… ?

Hi @VegasArod. You have access to your saved videos for up to 60 days from when they are recorded under the Ring Protect Plus plan. After 60 days, you can no longer go back and access that video unless you previously downloaded it before the 60 days were up. You can read more about how the Ring Protect plans work in our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps clear things up. :slight_smile: