Web Page on Desktop/Laptops

Terrible use of space on the page!!!

The first web page after I log in is awkward at best! The video is shown in the center of the page with large unused white spaces on its left and right. The history below the video is in a “Very Small” frame and shows only 2 histories. Every time I scroll I have to wait to load additional histories. It feels like being choked every time I scroll.

Would be much better to have a bigger history frame, perhaps put it next to the video so I can see a larger number of histories in one frame. Then I can expaned the video on demand as needed.

Please update your web page and make it more User Friendly!!

Hey @jmapar, thank you for passing along this feedback! I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the right department so that we can strive to make the web page more user-friendly for yourself and the rest of our neighbors. Thank you for being apart of the Ring Community!

For your design team.