Weak wi-fi signal after installing floodlight cam

My spotlight cam was working fine and is located approx 5ft from a mesh WiFi extender, however soon after installing a floodlight cam twice now I have had warnings to say that my spotlight cam has weak WiFi signal. A quick reset gets it going again but it keeps reverting back to the warning message ref weak WiFi. Is there a conflict between these 2 devices? No alterations have been made to location of the spotlight cam

Hi there, @OrangeAl. While the network signal, or RSSI, reads as good in the Ring app, it sounds like resources might be being delivered differently by your network. As you mentioned a mesh network and extender, the router or extender might be prioritizing the further device or the bandwidth that reaches the extender is not be shared evenly between both Cameras. Depending on the network, you might have settings available to you for fine tuning the way it connects and delivers resources.

With the addition of the Floodlight Camera, and depending on access point location, relocating your network extenders and access points to best suit your exterior devices can improve this signal. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Odd that it’s only just started happening but it’s worth noting with Wi-Fi that there is such a thing as too close to a mesh point (not sure on the exact distance) but in these cases the signal can be too ‘noisy’ for a lot of devices so they will disconnect from one mesh or access point and connect to another.

Could be that it is connecting to the closest one on a reboot then after a while moving to the furthest away mesh point. Or it is still connect to the mesh point but it is too close and doesn’t like it and therefore reports weak signal.